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How QK Children's Home was founded

The story of the orphanage is the story of a strong woman who tirelessly takes care of the children which our society would otherwise forget.

It is the story of Lindy, who, at the age of 28, took in a handful of children orphaned by the violence around the capital Nairobi after the brutal protests in Kenya in 2008.

Since founding the orphanage in 2008, Lindy and her team have taken in hundreds of children. Currently, QK Children's Home provides a home to around 60 orphaned, abused and abandoned children between the ages of 1 and 17.

Die Kinder beschenken die Heimleiterin in Kenia mit selbstgebastelten Muttertagsgrüßen

Daily life at the orphanage

At QK Children's Home, the children can finally enjoy their childhood. In addition to access to education and maternal care, they get to play with the other children of the orphanage.

The motto is always "Sisi ni familia" - Swahili for "We are one family".

With a lot of creativity, the children do crafting activities, play and learn together. Many of the children who live at QK Children's Home experience the feeling of security and maternal care here for the first time.

In order to be able to provide for the children ever single month, constant support is needed. Every month there are running costs such as water, firewood and medical care.

We would appreciate any donation so that Lindy and her team are able to continue their amazing work!

Im Waisenhaus in Afrika wird zusammen gespielt

The work of Smile for Children e.V.

Since the death of its main sponsor, the orphanage has experienced financial difficulties. In addition to shortages for ongoing school fees, food and medical expenses, the house the children currently live in is still in need of renovations, after having been built out of necessity and hastily moved into in October 2020. That's where Smile for Children e.V. steps in!

As a voluntary organisation based in Paderborn, Smile for Children e.V. does not spend any money on administrative costs. All income that the organisation receives from donations is used locally in Kenya.

Support Smile for Children today and help us offer the children a safe childhood and a future prospects!

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