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We are raising money to complete the construction of the house!

After the children of the orphanage were threatened to be evicted from the house they were living in on a rent-basis in October 2020, an emergency accommodation was built for the children with joined forces, which is meant to become a permanent home in the future!

A lot has happened since the construction in October 2020 and the forced move of the children into the incomplete house in November 2020, but the house is still incomplete and needs further renovation and additions (for example, the construction of a building that combines kitchen and a dining room).

Your donation can help us make the shelter a permanent home!

Das Waisenhaus in Afrika


Join our education sponsorship programme today and support a child's education with just €20 per month, which goes towards the child's school fees, school supplies and school uniform.

You will receive frequent updates about your sponsored child! You can also follow the developments at the orphanage at any time via our social media. 😊

Do you have questions or are you interested in sponsoring a child? Feel free to contact us! We are here for you!


We also continuously need help to cover the running costs of the orphanage.

Despite the largely sustainable operation of the orphanage, there is a need for support on all ends.

With a (monthly or one-time) donation in the amount of your choice, you can help cover the running costs. These costs add up to around 930€ per month (approx. 19€ per child).

The total monthly costs are as follows: 1) Staff (3 educators, a cook, a security guard, a social worker and a cleaner): 265€ 2) Water: 95€ 3) Food: 320€ 4) Firewood: 15€ 5) Gas: 15€ 6) Soap, nappies, body oil & sanitary products: 90€ 7) Medicines: 90€ 8) Miscellaneous: 40€

Total: 930€

Every Euro counts! Would you like to contribute to this project? Then simply contact us via our contact form or make a donation via our website or by bank transfer!


You can also support the orphanage through a commercial donation!

You can choose to support specific construction projects or to cover school fees or running costs.

We will keep you up to date with photos and news about your project. Your donation goes directly to where help is needed. As an association recognised by the German tax office as a non-profit organisation, we can issue (German) donation receipts for the donations.

Help us to put a smile on the faces of the children of QK. If you have any questions about our projects or are interested in supporting our work, just get in touch with us!