Women Empowerment Workshops in Kenia: Stronger together for the future!

Workshops by women for women

At Smile for Children e.V., we believe that education is the key to a self-determined future.

That's why, together with our local team, we have created the "Women Empowerment Project" to provide single mothers in Kenya with skills through practical workshops that give them opportunities in the labour market and thus create an independent income for families in need.

The Women Empowerment Workshops starts with an orientation workshop, followed by an advanced workshop to consolidate skills and interests already learnt.

Wichtige Skills für die Selbstständigkeit für Frauen in Afrika wie das Kochen und Nähen lernen sie in unserem Projekt

Our orientation and advanced workshops

In the first seven weeks, our participants are introduced to various topics as part of the "orientation workshop" in order to discover their personal interests and talents:

Week 1: Mental Health
Week 2: Conscious family planning and childcare
Week 3: Handmade crafts - jewellery making (making bracelets etc.)
Week 4: Cooking
Week 5: Basics of sewing
Week 6: Basics of hairdressing (hair care, braiding, hairdressing)
Week 7: Entrepreneurship and employment opportunities

Afterwards, the women have the opportunity to deepen their favourite skills in the "advanced workshops" (weeks 8-11) and receive a start-up grant.

In unserem Waisenhaus lernen die Frauen aus dem Slum viel

A future in which women are self-determined and strong

With a donation of €100, you can enable a woman to take part in an orientation or advanced workshop. For €200, a woman can take part in both workshops and receive a start-up grant for her self-employment or to seek employment opportunities.

This includes the participation in our workshop on up to 11 weekends and a food package for the woman and her children to ensure they are fed during the workshops. Every donation makes a difference! ♥️

Unterstützung für alleinerziehende Frauen in Afrika

Enable a woman to take part in a workshop now!