Providing a future to children as a company

With strong partners from the business world, we can achieve a lot together! As a company, make a child smile - and give it a chance for a self-determined future.

Whether it's a Christmas donation, a charity campaign together with your team or a sponsorship - together we will find a commitment that suits your company.

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Mit einer Unternehmensspende kann den Kindern in Afrika Obst gekauft werden

How you can help as a company

Corporate donation

With a corporate donation you can make a big difference in Kenya!

Whether it's a small contribution or a large donation, a one-time or recurring payment - we are happy about every donation that supports the orphanage. We are happy to issue official receipts for donations to companies based in Germany as well.

Would you like to support specific projects? Then please feel free to contact us!

Thanks to our voluntary work, 100% of our donations go to Kenya. So you can be sure that your donation will have a huge impact.

Ein Kind unseres Waisenhauses in Kenia zeigt den Daumen hoch für das Engagement von Unternehmen

Organise a culinary fundraiser

Save on the caterer at the next team event!

A bring-your-own-dinner or joint barbecue not only encourages exchange, but can also be a great activity for a good cause. A charity breakfast or a joint cooking evening for a good cause is also a team event with a big impact.

We would be happy to provide you with info material or come to your company or event for a short presentation of the work we do!

Team Lunch für den guten Zweck - als Unternehmen spenden

Doing sports for a good cause

Get out into the fresh air! With a charity run, your company not only promotes a good cause, but also supports the health and well-being of your employees!

You can either organise a charity run as a team event or remotely via apps such as Movespring. Donations can either be generated via a participation fee - or as a company you can motivate your employees by donating a set amount per kilometre.

A fixed team goal (in steps or kilometres) can also motivate your team. A small prize can also be drawn among all participants. There are many ways to organise a charity run!

Charity Run für Unternehmensspenden und Teambuilding

A snack basket with a big impact

Are you interested in snacking for a good cause?

How about setting up a snack basket or fridge at the workplace and donating the proceeds to the children of the orphanage? You can make a big difference as a team with a snack box or a fridge for drinks, which you can help yourself to for a donation!

We would be happy to provide you with info material and a donation box!

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Mit einer Charity-Snackbox oder einer Charity-Snackschale kann man als Unternehmen Spenden sammeln

A donation gift

Through our donation gift campaign, you are setting a special kind of example as a company or person.

Give a meaningful and sustainable gift with a big impact. A donation gift is suitable for everyone: customers, business partners, employees or acquaintances.

Whether it is for a company anniversary, a birthday or a special holiday - a donation gift is suitable for a variety of occasions. Instead of a fixed amount, it can also be provided with a sponsorship, a drinking water donation (100€) or similar.

Unternehmensspenden schaffen einen Impact - beispielsweise durch ein Spendengeschenk